Servant Leadership: an Altruiz review of Brickworkz

by Damon Harris
Originally posted to – June 8, 2010

With a show of hands, how many of you grew up playing with Legos? OK! Once again with a show of hands, how many of you thought of using those same Legos to create mosaic style art? Despite the obvious (my not being able to see you at your computer or holding your phone with your hand up.) I am pretty sure that 98% of us who played with Legos never thought of using it to create mosaic style images. But then we aren’t Brian Korte, owner of Brickworkz, LLC.

The story of Brickworkz’s beginnings is exactly how most of us remember Legos. You play around with them, try a few ideas and, BOOM! You have a wonderful creation. What’s even more impressive is how Brian has planted the seeds of an incredible business spending only $80 in advertising.

So how does a $20 a year marketing budget take a company from developing portraits on a card table for friends to carefully constructing artwork for Fortune 500 companies and individuals around the world?

If you have the answer, please raise your hand. Anyone? Seeming as once again I can’t see you sitting there with your armed raised, I will go ahead and answer this one.

Servant Leadership!

Brickworkz business model can be broken down into three words. ART. EDUCATION. COMMUNITY.

Brickworkz is doing what most small businesses should. They are using their originality, creativity, authenticity and blending it with compassion. It’s cause marketing at it’s best. In fact, when done right, it’s affordable and highly effective in terms of consumer engagement. Just think about it. How much have you spent lately on being yourself and helping others?

In the upcoming weeks, Brickworkz is taking that commitment of service and launching Here, nonprofit groups will have access to project ideas, information and resources they can use to embrace the power of the iconic building block Legos and use it to raise funds for their organization.

So as Fathers Day approaches, give this new dad a visit at Supporting him and his corky passion for blocks will allow an organization to generate the funds they need to keep their doors open. We all have a part in supporting society. Brickworkz just does it one block at a time.

About The Author

Brian Korte

Award-winning artist Brian Korte created Brickworkz LLC in 2006 to make stunning LEGO art for companies and families all around the world. What started as a childhood hobby became a professional art career using LEGO elements as a medium. Learn more and see Brian's portfolio by visiting or search for @brickworkz on your favorite social media!

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