Birthday Surprise for my Parents

Here’s a reaction I know you’ll love.

Ed and Linda are my wonderful parents. We hosted a mini family reunion in the Fall of 2017 to celebrate Linda’s 70th birthday.

They’ve been married 43 years (as of 2017) and Ed commissioned Brickworkz to create a LEGO portrait of the happy couple to surprise Linda. I started working on the design and my awesome helper Shane got to work on building the piece. Our family members autographed a LEGO plate at the bottom and we revealed it to Linda once the family was gathered around.

“Well done, Brian. What a great gift this was for her! Now our portrait hangs prominently in our home where we cherish it as a special work of your art and for the memories we have each day that we see it. It always brings a smile to our faces. ­čÖé Thank you so much!”

This was a special moment. After more than 300 Lego portraits shipped all over the world with Brickworkz, most of my customers have these surprise gatherings at their homes and I don’t get to see them. But this? This is my own family and I finally got to see a reveal up-close and in-person.

Dad knew about the portrait but hadn’t seen the final piece completed. I asked if he would be willing to be surprised too, so the reaction you can see in this video is genuine for both of them.

I mentioned to you that we would start sharing more of these heartwarming stories because in our ten-year history, we’ve been a part of some incredible stories. Here’s one we managed to capture on video!

I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. ^Brian

"Ed & Linda":
30" x 30" | 5 colors. | 9,216 LEGO studs
Project Video

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