Capturing a Memory of Aiden Welling

Commissioned by a friend of his family to honor the memory of Aiden, who left the world far too soon. The project was sponsored by more than 50 friends of Aiden’s family.

We set up a web page where friends could securely contribute small amounts in order to “crowdfund” this portrait. Those humble gifts magnified a way to honor Aiden’s memory and provided a creative tribute that might offer his family some comfort for years to come.

Aiden is among many angels we have been honored to commemorate at Brickworkz. We plan to share Aiden’s story with you, as told by his loved ones. That way, we can always remember him.

Just as each child has a story, these Lego mosaic projects often have a story of their own worth sharing. In the case of “Aiden,” this piece was scheduled to be presented to Aiden’s surviving family on the anniversary of his passing. Here’s where I want to especially thank my lead builder, Shane, whose arms you see flurrying in the time-lapse video:

The design was finished and we had the parts ready to go. Just before I was slated to build “Aiden,” my father-in-law (and super-mega Brickworkz cheerleader) Mike McMunn suddenly passed away. On very short notice, Shane built this beautiful “Aiden” portrait so that I could help comfort my own family with funeral arrangements. Shane, your work is so appreciated. You simultaneously helped _two_ families in their grief journey.

And now, I present you with our newest LEGO portrait: “Aiden.” May he and the souls of the faithfully departed rest in peace.

"Aiden" - A memorial portrait by Brian Korte of Brickworkz:
30" x 30" 9,216 LEGO studs. 9 colors.
Project Video

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