Illustrating the Mission for Midas of Richmond

Anyone living in or near Richmond, Virginia knows about the generosity of Midas of Richmond. This week, I got to finally meet Owner Mark Smith (from the Midas radio commercials we all hear) and surprise him with a piece commissioned by his wife Patty.

The general concept of this LEGO mosaic was to illustrate one of Smith’s leadership lessons, which is to say that you can be a change agent when you find the intersection of your intellect and your passion. (the 6 inches between your ears (your brain) and the 18″ to your heart.) And that is the mission of what we’re all called to do. The video below explains in Smith’s own words what he means.

This isn’t dissimilar to my approach with Brickworkz either. I mean, yes, I play with LEGO bricks for fun and LEGO parts help me to make a living, but it’s really a means to an end to help people and companies and create happy memories. That’s why I’m big on portraits and really hold dear the memorial portraits I do for grieving families.

For them, Midas is really just a means to an end- they do that helpful service work in cars to support what they LOVE to do which is to feed kids through FeedMore and give blood through Virginia Blood Services (and so many other charities.) So the best visualization we could come up with was a medical model of a generic person with Midas in the brain and the two charities getting pumped by the heart. ­čÖé

They loved it. It’ll go in their new Scott’s Addition Midas location once it’s ready.

30" x 45" | 14 LEGO colors | 13,824 LEGO elements
Project Video

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