Helping Remote Workers Stay Connected at Twitch

Did you know that we create custom LEGO sculptures too? This piece was designed and launched for some Twitch employees working at home.

This piece, dubbed “Bleed Purple” ­čĺť is a 3D freestanding sculpture designed to look like the heart is dripping with purple blood. (The colors of the Twitch logo are purple, so to say you’re a die-hard Twitch fan is to say you bleed purple.)

A team manager at Twitch commissioned Brickworkz to make the design and package 80 kits for some employees at Twitch to assemble at their home offices. What a creative and fun way to “stay connected” with remote teams!

The creative challenge here was to design a model that would be challenging and fun for beginners to create, require no glue, and stand freely on display.

To achieve the look with the parts Lego has available, I made an upside-down gray heart. I mounted it to a dark purple “wall” backing that shows through to create the appearance of dripping blood and give the sculpture depth and shadows. The heart’s base is designed to be bottom-heavy for proper balance. I even found a great use for the dark purple octopus piece- makes for a perfect purple blood splatter!

And finally, a custom LEGO minifigure was ordered to represent the at-home worker in the Covid era (we used Ninja masks which worked perfectly!)

If you have a sculpture idea under about 3 feet in height, let’s talk! The process takes us longer than mosaics to conceive, design, and plan for your event, but the results are great memories that last!

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If you want a Brickworkz LEGO mosaic project or have a request for your company, please use this form. Brian Korte is the founder and brick artist at Brickworkz and personally answers all incoming requests on this page. Use the form or email directly [email protected]