Sculpting With Lego for Business By Design

Business By Design is a program hosted by James Wedmore in the Laguna Beach, California area each Fall. As a huge LEGO fan, James and his team find creative ways to incorporate LEGO themes or discussion points into his content. After all, the broad appeal and universal love for LEGO is with all of us!

Last year we designed a LEGO mosaic for attendees of Business By Design to assemble. This year, when they wanted to create large, 3-dimensional LEGO sculptures of the letters B, B, and D, they chose Brickworkz. Here’s how we made it happen:

Our process started with a 3D model sketch-up for us to get an idea of the size and scale of the letters and figure out how to approach the build. We ended up using the digital model as a rough guide but made stronger bonds and integrated supports (also using LEGO bricks) to make sure the piece had strength from all sides. The sculpture would need to remain strong during shipment and transport to and from the event, so keeping the piece pulled together and reinforced was essential.

“They are AMAZING!!! We love them! The team said thank you for the awesome work making them and wrapping them up. Thank you so much!”

The letter D was built entirely from hand, only having measured the rise and run of the curved edge digitally- everything else was done with best-practices of LEGO sculpting and using cantilevered techniques to support hanging edges. It was a great challenge and very rewarding to build row-by-row to create the curves from otherwise square LEGO blocks.

The top layer and any exposed bottom surfaces were covered with a LEGO plate to create a smooth look. With consistent height and width, these B and D letters ended up looking just amazing. We carefully bundled them up and wrapped them to protect them for the rigors of shipping to the West Coast and boxed them with love to give them a safe journey.

If you want something different for your event or trade show: This is where your brand or logo can really pop with Brickworkz! Contact a brick artist today to see how we can help at your event! If you want to engage people in a fun and memorable way, reach out to us!

Business By Design BBD:
each letter: 26" L x 18" W x 6" D
Laguna Beach, CA (USA)
Approx. Attendees:

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