Playing To Learn With Skillsoft

SumTotal, a division of Skillsoft, brought Brickworkz to provide an entertaining activity for event attendees at Chicago’s HR Technology Conference and Exhibition. Here’s how Brickworkz made it happen:

Our primary objective was to learn from SumTotal about their goals for this event. Their product was perfectly matched to the audience of the conference, and they already had a vision of their event space and layout. They wanted something that tied-in the way their product used blocks and elements of a person’s profile to create a larger informational database (often referred to as “people management”). So, along with that theme, they wanted a brick artist to create their logo and lead visitors in building it out of LEGO elements.

We collaborated with event space designers and fabricators to create a sloped table that would hold the piece as we built it, and even the cups of LEGO parts needed to assemble the LEGO mosaic. It allowed for wheelchair accessibility and could be worked on by multiple participants simultaneously.

Over the next few days, event attendees spilled into the vendor exhibition area and were drawn to the LEGO table. They’d join in, add a few pieces, and SumTotal’s sales staff were nearby to approach and answer questions about their software. The Lego build created a really comfortable soft-sell approach for the sales team to reach out to visitors who wanted to be there in the space.

When the event concluded, we took-down the mosaic and prepared it for shipment back to the home office for display. That’s another benefit to bringing Brickworkz to your event– you get to keep the art! Many companies hang their piece in their lobby, and in some cases, send it to a top client as a thank-you for their participation as well.

High engagement, fun, collaborative, and something different for your event or trade show: This is where your brand can shine with Brickworkz! Contact a brick artist today to see how we can help at your LEGO-themed event! If you and your team want to engage a crowd in a fun and memorable way, reach out to us!

Sumtotal Logo:
75" x 30: - 23,000+ Lego parts, 4 colors
Chicago, Illinois (USA)
Approx. Attendees:
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