Exhibition for Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia

This mosaic project was an exhibition build (with participation) at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The event itself was a fundraiser to honor the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHoP). Their “Party with a Purpose” had the theme of “Building a Better Tomorrow,” and they had several LEGO elements at the party as well as a LEGO give-away to the inpatient children in the oncology unit at CHOP.

“Thank you again for an amazing job well done at our event. It was so great meeting you in person and seeing a fantastic mosaic come to fruition.” –Giuliana C.

When you bring Brickworkz into the planning of the event, we listen to your ideas and expectations. We tap into our years of experience to make recommendations, avoid pitfalls, and make your event memorable and special. Here is an example from this fundraising event:

Because of the short duration of the evening party, I shipped the mosaic frame in advance to the venue and unpacked it during setup time. I knew that this project was intended to be an exposition build, (meaning I would do most of the building as a spectator sport for party goers), but that everyone was invited to participate.

Knowing the party ambiance was casual in nature, I pre-built the outlines of the more complex areas in our studio before shipping so that party guests wouldn’t need to focus intently on following a complex design guide- instead they could participate with a champagne glass in one hand and “fill in” the open spaces that I had previously segmented.

And that’s exactly how it turned out. The guests approached, watched me build, asked me questions about this project and other things, and I encouraged them to place some pieces onto the mosaic. Everyone had fun, the mosaic was completed before the event concluded, and the party’s benefactors and VIPs were able to participate and enjoy as well.

WIRB Copernicus Group logo:
60" x 30" (152 x 76 cm) | 18,432 LEGO studs
Philadelphia, PA (USA)
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