Exhibition Build For The Frazier History Museum

The Frazier History Museum hired Brick artist Brian Korte to create this brightly-colored Lego mosaic in efforts to draw public attention to a new exhibit. (spoiler: it got lots of attention!) Here’s how Brickworkz made it happen:

Event marketers hired by the Frazier History Museum reached out to Brickworkz for creative LEGO ideas to draw a crowd and drum up local attention for the opening days of the Museum’s “DaVinci: The Genius” exhibit.

Our plan was to design a bold and colorful interpretation of Leonardo DaVinci’s famous “Mona Lisa” (an iconic image) and bring all the LEGO supplies needed to build the LEGO mosaic on-site in front of visitors and guests as an exhibition. Event planners coordinated our build with local TV crews and soon Brian was building for a much larger audience. FOX, ABC, and CBS affiliates in Louisville came to interview and film the build, and within a few hours, their video coverage was picked up nationally in syndicated news and broadcast to more than 100 cities across the country. The museum’s reach that day extended from Seattle to Tampa, from Bangor to San Diego.

Many asked why I went with an orange shade for Lisa. I thought it would look bold and a bit different than the original, which is much more subdued. This Lego version of the Mona Lisa is also quite a bit larger than the original Mona Lisa, a result of our goal to get attention in a creative way.

If you and your team want a brick artist to draw a crowd for your event, reach out to us!

LEGO Mona Lisa:
30" x 45" - 13,824 Lego elements. 9 colors.
Louisville, Kentucky (USA)
Approx. Attendees:
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