Instructional Building With Allergan

Event organizers were tasked to find a creative and fun area for visitors of the ACOG convention in Austin, Texas. Their objective was two-fold: To inform visitors about Uterine Fibroids and to provide an interactive way for visitors to engage and donate to the ACOG Foundation. The ACOG Foundation provides free healthcare for women in need around the world. Event Marketers chose Brickworkz. Here’s what we did for them:

The client, pharmaceutical company Allergan, had a separate event space for approved medical marketing for their products, so this event space was purely informational and fun.

Brickworkz collaborated with event managers and the event space designers to plan the flow of traffic, the layout and floor plans, and best-practices for Lego mosaic builds for large groups. We bring our experience in large and small events to make this process straight-forward.

We had two days to create a LEGO mural of an abstract series of panels that matched the company’s brand colors and general theme. The mural filled a standalone wall to get maximum attention. We worked with event designers to create a custom counter top for the preparations and LEGO building. The space was specifically designed to accommodate large crowds such that multiple visitors could build together simultaneously.

As guests approached our space, they received a square LEGO plate with 64 LEGO studs to fill. This “mini mosaic” was built with the help of a corresponding guide (just like you’d have a final image when working with a puzzle.) Their completed LEGO square would fit into the overall image. Brickworkz plans these designs so that there are enough LEGO squares for everyone to participate and complete the image before the final day concludes. This allows visitors to return and see the overall progress. We also see visitors bring their coworkers to showcase “their” part of the grand mosaic, giving marketers additional brand exposure.

One very important facet of our presence on-site at events is that we keep the pace of our LEGO builds so that the LEGO murals get finished on time, every time. We may even pre-build some portions of the mosaic in order to entice visitors to come to your space (which keeps the pace for shorter events).

Brickworkz also works to ensure that everyone can participate. Visitors have a lot of choices when looking at a map of a convention floor, so if they make the trek to your event space, we want to be sure they get to engage with your brand. This is the importance of monitoring and facilitating the pace of the build so it’s not done too slowly or too quickly.

Everyone loved the LEGO wall! We had so many people tell us it was their favorite part of the event! Visitors were mostly medical professionals in the Obstetrics and Gynecological industry, many of whom played with LEGO as kids themselves, or played with their own children, so LEGO was relevant. It was clear that adult play time was welcomed in between lectures! Our space became a fun hangout for popping-in and building on breaks and in between conference sessions. And of course, our client’s sales team was on the floor as well to answer their questions as they played. Our Lego mosaics are a brilliant way for guests to get a soft sell on product information and marketing while they play.

When the event concluded, Brickworkz broke the large mural back into multiple large panels, ready to ship to its final destination at Allergan’s headquarters building, for easy reassembly and office display.

High engagement, fun, collaborative, and something different for your event or trade show: This is where your brand can shine with Brickworkz! Contact a brick artist today to see how we can help at your LEGO-themed event! If you and your team want to engage a crowd in a fun and memorable way, reach out to us!

90" x 60" - 55,000+ Lego parts, 16 colors.
Austin, Texas (USA)
Approx. Attendees:
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