Branding and Interactivity with Shell Diversity

The Shell Diversity team hired Brickworkz to provide a fun, creative, and interactive display for their booth at the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) conference in Orlando, Florida. Here’s how Brickworkz made it happen:

Being positioned on the floor directly opposite creative giants like Disney, Shell Diversity needed something eye-catching, interactive, and fun for attendees. Their event marketing partners contacted Brickworkz describing their vision of the event and asked how we could help Shell Diversity engage with attendees at WBENC.

Brickworkz provided Shell with a Lego mosaic wall that incorporated all the elements of Shell’s focus in the energy sector. We coordinated closely with their extensive branding requirements to ensure that the LEGO color scheme and design was as close as possible to that of Shell’s branding. Fortunately, the LEGO red and yellow were extremely similar to that of Shell’s logo- the iconic shell shape we all recognize.

Throughout the event, attendees participated in building this Shell logo. They approached the booth space, received LEGO parts to add to the board and a guide indicating the right spot, and everyone got to “make their mark” on the LEGO wall. Photography and social media interaction was encouraged, and people were asked to tag photos with the #findyourfit hashtag.

Throughout the event, visitors would return to see and photograph the progress. Often, they’d point out “their” section of the Lego mosaic with pride. People took selfies and group photos and tagged themselves in social media. That’s the kind of happy memories we like to create with Brickworkz. And marketing teams love us because people are engaged and interacting with their brands in these memorable experiences.

Brickworkz specializes in helping companies build brand recognition. By engaging visitors in play, we draw attendees into booth spaces to foster conversations and direct traffic to the sales force. With a background in advertising, marketing, design and more than fifteen years in trade show promotions, Brickworkz knows how to plan logistics, create a fun and approachable environment for all audiences, and direct participants to your sales team in a natural and comfortable way.

If you and your team want to engage a crowd in a fun and memorable way, reach out to us!

Shell Diversity: Find Your FIT:
80" x 30" - 23,808 Lego elements. 4 colors.
Orlando, Florida (USA)
Approx. Attendees:
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