Bringing Teams Together for CORA Physical Therapy

“I wanted something that would make a statement at our annual meeting, but something that tied into what we were trying to accomplish – which was tell the CORA Story,” says Brande Brock, Director of Strategic Marketing at CORA Physical Therapy. “So I really started thinking about what this piece would symbolize: all the pieces coming to together to make the whole is just like how all our employees contribute to the organization.

“I began to research on company logo mosaics – and low and behold, I stumbled upon Brickworkz! And I knew that if a Brickworkz project was anywhere within reason of our budget, that this was it – THIS is what we needed as the centerpiece at our meeting.”

Brande continues, “The concept for our annual meeting was to explore our company story. To unveil the WHY we do what we do (because we do it differently than others) and discover what it means when we say “we serve everyone.” And I felt like the symbolism behind the mosaic of our company logo being built with over 20,000 LEGO pieces illustrated beautifully how it takes ALL of us working together to accomplish this vision. I was on a deadline and needed this artwork shipped to our meeting location in Florida.”

“I highly recommend using Brian at Brickworkz for creating quality, unique, memorable pieces for organization events, conferences, and more.”

“You are awesome and talented and you have not seen the last of me! I am a customer/fan for life!”

Brickworkz owner Brian Korte worked on design concepts for the CORA Physical Therapy logo and discussed various options with Brande before they settled on the perfect option – a 4 x 4 foot (1.2 meter) square mosaic made of colorful LEGO elements in the CORA color palette. “We needed a custom display as this needed to be freestanding and not mounted on a wall. So Brian built an adjustable wooden stand, and he built it in such a way that it could be shipped and reassembled at the meeting location,” Brande said. “He even shot videos to show us how to do it on-site!”

LEGO art by Brickworkz Legos mosaic logo office decor artwork

“I can’t say enough about how wonderful Brian is to work with…and TALENTED!” Brande said. “Our request wasn’t what I would call easy but I felt like I was very well taken care of and Brian and his team went above and beyond to make sure that I not only had a one-of-a-kind LEGO mosaic, but also worked on creative solutions to meet my needs.”

The reaction from employees at the CORA Physical Therapy meeting was overwhelming. “They at first couldn’t figure out what it was – so it was a conversation piece! And then so many people commented on how awesome it was, how clever, and had their picture taken with it before they left to go home,” recalls Brande.

The mosaic now lives at the Regional Corporate office in Orlando. “It will be used again at larger events and of course, will make its way back to our center stage again for the annual meeting next year.”

CORA Physical Therapy treats patients right for a wide spectrum of outpatient services, including: orthopedic problems, work-related injuries, sports injuries and various neuromuscular and neurological conditions. Learn more at CORA Physical Therapy.

CORA Physical Therapy:
45" x 45" | 20,736 LEGO studs | 6 colors
Orlando, Florida (USA)
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