7-11 Slurpee Lego Sculpture – in 3D!

Event marketers working with Coca-Cola reached out to Brickworkz to create fun LEGO-themed elements for display at a partnership project with 7-Eleven. The 7-Eleven Experience is an annual conference for franchisees and owners of 7-Eleven to network, celebrate their achievements, and find out what 7-Eleven has in store for the future. Here’s how Brickworkz made it happen:

The challenge was for Brickworkz to create a life-sized (or larger-than-life) LEGO sculpture of a Coca-Cola flavored Slurpee. We received the official artwork from our customers and went to a local 7-Eleven for some samples of the cup and lid to get real measurements and study the angles.

Looks amazing! The booth was well received by the management team here! Thank you for your part in making this booth happen!

First, we mocked-up the concept in 3D modeling software to ensure that the gentle slope of the Slurpee cup was correct and get an idea of the LEGO brick height that the final piece would become. But that’s where the digital work would stop- from this point on, everything was designed by hand to create a strong, tightly-joined LEGO sculpture. The challenge was to make the piece structurally-sound and support its own weight. Since the “swirl” of the Slurpee cup design was so detailed, it would also involve the creation of a LEGO mosaic that covered the surface. Essentially, I was to create a 3D LEGO mosaic on the face of a LEGO sculpture! The challenge was tremendous and very exciting.

As the build began, I worked with multiple LEGO parts of all sizes and shapes to create the general shape of the sculpture. And as I went, I had to continually rotate the piece to maintain the surface mosaic while also keeping the piece sturdy as it grew.

LEGO’s dark tan color was almost a perfect match with the true color of a Coca-Cola Slurpee, so I worked on making the “swirl of slush” at the top. And throughout the piece, I left a single-brick sized column so we could put an actual Slurpee straw through the hole so that it would poke out of the top. This way, the straw color could change however our customers wanted.

The final step was to apply the Slurpee logo and design. To create this, I scanned the actual Slurpee cup and scaled it to the size of the sculpture. A local graphic designer was able to help me print the decals onto a special thermal paper which was sticky on one side and would cling to the sculpture when heat was applied. Using the real Slurpee cup as a model, I applied the decals to match and we were all set- A LEGO Coca-Cola Slurpee.

Photos were taken, then it was safely wrapped and padded and quickly shipped to Las Vegas for the 7-Eleven Experience event. If you’d like a brick artist to create something unique and fun at your event, reach out to us!

7-Eleven Slurpee:
est. 4,000 LEGO parts
Las Vegas, Nevada (USA)
Approx. Attendees:
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