Christmas 2020

Merry Christmas!

Your Christmas gift this year began in the early Spring of 2020, when I received a ton of photos of all the Stassen grandchildren and a request for Lego portraits for Christmas.

A great deal of scrutiny goes into the final design when we start that process. Designing portraits is not a quick digital conversion. It’s a detailed process of designing by hand, trying to get the right color balance for each pixel to look the most photo-realistic and maximize the quality. I only design Lego portraits with quality that I would be proud to hang on my own wall.

These mosaics are hand-designed and hand-built, so I am invested in making sure your design as good as can be. (In these videos you will see my hands as well as those of my assistant, Shane!)

Shipping them out after all of the work is done is a lot like saying goodbye to a child as she goes off to camp. I love hearing how your surprise went and watching reveal photos and videos.

I still keep in touch with customers I had 15 years ago when I started. My customers are what make Brickworkz great, and my business is entirely done from referrals of other great projects with great customers.

Facebook version of the videos are here:

Lucas & Avery: A LEGO mosaic portrait by Brian Korte, Brickworkz LLC
30″ x 30″ | 9,216 LEGO studs | 10 LEGO colors

Lucy, Bennett, and Wells: A LEGO mosaic portrait by Brian Korte, Brickworkz LLC
30″ x 30″ | 9,216 LEGO studs | 12 LEGO colors

Parker, Carter, and Miller: A LEGO mosaic portrait by Brian Korte, Brickworkz LLC
45″ x 30″ | 9,216 LEGO studs | 13 LEGO colors

Click the PDF above for some guidance on how to hang and display your new portraits, as well as how to maintain them over the years!

Thank you again, and Merry Christmas!

More about Brickworkz
Award-winning artist Brian Korte created Brickworkz LLC in 2006 to make stunning LEGO art for companies and families all around the world. LEGO mosaic portraits by Brickworkz are for those of us with a special place in our hearts for our LEGO memories, as well as an appreciation for unique and eye-catching art. Years later, our Lego mosaic designs are still hand-made with the quality that Brian Korte demands. Want to see more? Find me on Facebook and Instagram!